Lyre Bird Alarm / Ring Tone

A new tone for iPhones isavailable!! This tone features the sound of male Lyre Bird practicing hisrepetition of call at the Washpool National Park in NSW. This is only available for iPhones at the moment.


Step 1)

Right click on the following link and select “Save Link As". (Tone)

Step 2)

Locate and open the tone on your computer (iTunes should now open up).

Step 3)

Connect you iPhone to the computer.

Step 4)

Click the “Tones” or “Ringtones” tab in iTunes (depending on which version of iTunes is installed).

Step 5

Click the “Selected ringtones” radio button, scroll through the list of available tones and click the check box next to the tone you want to add to your iPhone.

Step 6

Click the “Apply” button to transfer the alarm sound to your phone.


earthvibes 2013